The Story

The creative community network is the stage for Quantum Ideas for our theatre of a new world where I am creating the story I am imagining we can create for the future of our world, –  if we care to collaborate as a community around creative interests which contribute to our common human interests as individuals, as communities, and as a community.

Evolution of the Creative Network

The Quantum Ideas story began on March 16, 2000 with two communication centres. Native Roots, a communication centre where the contributions of our indigenous cultures to the creative evolution of the world could be explored and indigenous communities could tell their stories, create a place in the conversation, and continue to make a contribution to our possibilities for the future, and Arts Direct, a communication centre for the arts to create connections for  arts community contributors and the communities who have an appreciation for and benefit from the contribution of the arts to our experience of life and the future for our community.

The evolution of Quantum Ideas is told in part by the evolution of the creative community network which fittingly came full circle in May 2021 when I registered the Centre for Indigenous Nations Art.

Evolution of the Creative Network

Organizing the Network

I am still organizing the creative community network into communities of overarching creative interests My interest is to focus, organize, and accelerate the conversations we could be having to create community and excite creative community enterprise around the opportunities that are the most highly leveraged and make the greatest contribution to moving us forward. This is an exploration that is still in flux. Each domain, which is defined in the dictionary as a sphere of knowledge, influence, or activity, can be segmented or expanded with sub-domains just as each domain can be organized as part of and contribute to other domains or creative community centres in the network.

Creative Network Communities

Live in the Theatre

Communication centres that are online creating the stage in the theatre are at different stages of development. The story line for each centre articulates the role and contribution I am currently imagining the part each centre can play in contributing to creating a better future for our community and our world. I am in the process of opening the doors to the stories I am imagining we can create and the communities of common interest and common enterprise they each can serve and I will keep anyone following the story of what I am doing informed as I go around connecting the dots and adding to the conversation in this creative installation.

Creative Centres in the Theatre
Creating Connections

In the Wings

Communication centres that are not online but are part of the creative community network and have a role to play in creating the story are included in the directory of creative community centre which are connected to studios used to gather media for the network.

The Studios

Studios for communication centres in the theatre are connected to the studios online to allow an easy flow of media contributions to the theatre as time and opportunity permits and provide access from the studios in online centres to the network studios in the wings.

Community Media Studios

Evolution of the Creative Story

There is a story which chronicles the evolution of the enterprise which may be told some day but this is probably learned better by exploring what happened in the evolution of my own story. Some of the early beginnings have been retained in their original forms which could help to provide some more context and background for understanding how I got here and where we could go

Evolution of the Creative Story

Tidying Up

Creative Community Centres
Creative Canada Network