Music in Our Schools

Why Music Counts

Music education in Canada is endangered, and students are missing out on the value of learning and creating music.

Music education makes students smarter and helps develop positive self-esteem and communication skills.

Music also has a strong emotional impact on youth – music gives kids a way to sort out their emotions and express their feelings.

MusiCounts celebrates musical excellence and puts musical instruments into the hands of kids who need them the most. MusiCounts’ mission is to ensure that all children and youth in Canada have access to music education.


The arts enhance education

The arts nurture a motivation to learn, particularly with those at risk and students with special needs, improving competencies in active engagement, disciplined and sustained attention, persistence, and risk taking, and contribute to creating a positive learning environment that fosters community engagement, increased student attendance, more effective instructional practice, and school identity.

Despite convincing research and strong public support, the arts remain on the margins of education.

Why the Arts