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“Imagine a world without music, without poetry, without books, without paintings on the walls, without photographs, without legends, without the movement and the energy of dance, without theatre, without cinema, without the kind of imagination and creations which would force us to live only the realities of day to day life, the economy, the politics… Arts and culture are the fourth dimension we need to be humans: a country without arts and culture would be a country without a soul and a nation without identity.”

Raymond Legault, President of Union des artistes
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A safe space to discuss art and censorship

Can Sook-Yin Lee bring some sanity to the vigorous online debate over threats to artistic freedom, or lack thereof, by taking it offline and into the theatre?

Unsafe, a new live “hybrid documentary-performance” created by and starring the filmmaker, radio host and former MuchMusic VJ which opened at Canadian Stage March 12, 2019 is billed as “an investigation into the censorship of art and the art of censorship in Canada.”

Lee is not particularly interested in what she calls “capital-C censorship” of art by the government, which is rare these days, but rather all the “micro and macro” ways that “silence, exclusion and censorship” currently impact the creation of art in this country.

At Canadian Stage, Sook-Yin Lee creates an Unsafe space to discuss art and censorship
.J. Kelly Nestruck
Globe and Mail, 2019.03.09

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